Rev. Michael Henderson, ~ Senior Pastor

Southern Crest Full Gospel Baptist Church

Many faces, one faith.

We are a diverse group of believers – bankers, musicians, social workers, teachers, public servants, business owners, parents  – united by our shared faith in a loving God. 

"Where Everybody is Somebody"

Our History

On June 7, 1965 the Rev. J. R. Stewart founded, organized, and set in motion bringing a dream into reality, by establishing the Southern Crest Missionary Baptist Church. Upon the untimely death of Rev. J. R. Steweart in 1971, the pastoral torch was carried by three faithful pastors; Rev. D.J. Morgan, Rev. Hicks Broden, and Rev. W. E. Harvey.

In March of 1983, Rev. Frank Henderson, Jr. was called to lead the congregation to greater heights. Pastor Henderson and his teammate Sis. Dorothy Henderson began the mission of making the Southern Crest Missionary Baptist Church, a church "Where Everybody is Somebody" with the mission statement, philosophy and theology in mind the healing and building process began.

Members and friends throughout the community and the city of Dallas watched as Christian Education began to spread throughout the congregation. Renovations were visible, teaching, sharing of ideas and by the year 1984 the Southern Crest Church became a focal point in the neighborhood. A heart fixer for the broken hearted, a hospital for the spiritually sick, and refuge for the lost.

Through our Pastor's vision, the Southern Crest Church has expanded at all levels of ministry. Throughout the years the dreams continued to expand, the borders were enlarged, many unbelievers were called to repentance, saints were pruned for praise, men and women were called to the ministry, facilities were filled to capacity, biblical based lessons were taught, and outreach ministries have continued to emerge.

After the completion of the new Sanctuary in October of 1997, our membership increased so rapidly we had to remodel and add additional space and pews to accommodate the increased demand for seating. By the Grace of God we've come a long ways. In August of 2004 we were led by the Spirit and the Word of God to make full proof of the ministry. Again our Pastor led our church family into a new vision and another level of praise. Out of the heart of the Southern Crest Missionary Baptist Church, the Southern Crest Full Gospel Baptist Church was born.

On October 5, 2005 we marched into our new facility with the official dedication services of laying of the cornerstone and the dedication our our new Educatinal Center named after three of the original members of the Southern Crest Missionary Baptist Church; Sister Carter, Lewis, and Lyles.

A great pride is felt by the members, friends and community not only in the beauty of our facility, but by the excellent Pastoral leadership and the many ministries in which we have to grow.

On Sunday, July 16, 2017 Rev. Michael J. Henderson was installed as the second Pastor of the Southern Crest Full Gospel Baptist Church, and Rev. Frank Henderson Jr., became our Pastor Emeritus. What A Mighty God we Serve!