Rev. Michael Henderson, ~ Senior Pastor

Southern Crest Full Gospel Baptist Church

"This Is Our Time"

Rev. Frank Henderson Jr.

Pastor Emeritus 

This is our time under God's mighty had and watchful eye to move with love and boldness as we spread His life saving Word. The manifestation of God is being made known everywhere. God is holding us accountable as active participants, faithful stewards and visionary watchman for such a time as this. We are spiritually empowered to rebuild lives and restore men, women, boys and girls to their rightful place in God's love. Let us continue to do the work of the Master as we serve Him together.

A Historical Reflection 
Of our Pastor’s Journey From 
“From There To Here”

In celebrating our Pastor’s 34th year of serving as Senior Pastor of our church, my task was to interview him and write a biographical and historical pilgrimage of his journey. In many of our pastor’s reflective conversations, he always speaks of “There” as a former place and “Here” as a place in the presence. Therefore, I am writing this historical reflection, “ From There To Here”  for historical purposes and to remind each of us that many sacrifices were made for us to be here.
Time only permitted me to ask a couple of questions. When and how did you become the Senior Pastor of our church.  The pastor responded with the following. On the second Sunday of November of 1982, I received a call from the Rev. W.E. Harvey who was serving as the Pastor of the Southern Crest Missionary Baptist Church. 

Pastor Harvey asked me, if he would come and preach the morning services the following Sunday, at that time I was serving as the assistant Pastor of the Greater Mount Olive Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor S. H. Jemmerson.

Pastor Harvey also asked me if he would also preach the Church Anniversary services which was at 3 p.m. the same Sunday. I agreed! Later that Sunday evening I contacted Pastor Harvey to let him know how everything went. Pastor Harvey was extremely happy that everything went well. 

As the conversation was ending Pastor Harvey asked me if he would go back and preach the following Sunday, and continue to preach until he returned. After a few weeks, Pastor Harvey telephoned me and said after much prayer and conversations with God, and his wife, he decided it was time for him to retire. I relayed the conversations to the Deacons, and members of Pastor Harvey’s decision to retire. 

I served as the interim Pastor while other ministers were examined for the pastoral position. Several ministers were examined to be the Pastor of the Southern Crest Missionary Baptist Church. After several weeks of the examination process, our Pastor was selected the fourth week of February 1983, to serve as the fifth Pastor of the Southern Crest Missionary Baptist Church. Our Pastor was officially installed as Pastor the 3rd Sunday in March of 1983. After thirty four (34) years of service to the Lord and His people, we have come from there to where we are now. 

Very few Pastors have been afforded the unique privilege to serve the same church for thirty four (34) years. Our church has grown in every way imaginable. We have a vibrant spirit filled worship services, ministries that truly serve, and an atmosphere that reflects our mission to be, “A Loving Church That Cares, and A Caring Church That Loves”. We are a church “Where Everybody is Somebody”.  This is who we are, and who we will continue to be. 

Along the way from there to here we purchased all of the properties adjacent to the original complex, purchased properties in the front and back for future expansion. God blessed us to build a New House for Him and allowed us to march into it October of 1997. We expanded our sanctuary and other facilities in 2004, and went into a completed enlarged and updated facility. 

Like every organization whether spiritual or non-spiritual, there have been difficult and trying moments. Some of these moments lasted for hours, days, weeks, and in rare cases some lasted months, but God’s grace sustained us through them all. 

However, our Pastor believes, practices, and taught us that when things go wrong, and they sometimes will, don’t go with them, we stay the course. 

Each day you and I must leave there, and head toward your next here. Getting there will require the best of you, the determined you, the unstoppable you, the loving you, the forgiving you, the kind you, but most of all it will require the spirit filled you. 

I know that he is on his way there, and I pray that you are also. Getting there might not be easy, much like getting here was not easy. “Here” awaits each of us. 

I know if you asked our Pastor how he got from there to here, he would say, “It was God’s grace!” 
Through every storm, he would say, “It was God’s grace! 
Through heartaches and pains, he would say, God’s grace! 
Through tragedy, and triumph, God’s grace!
 Through good days, and bad days, it was God’s grace! 
Through ups, and downs, it was God’s grace!” 
Our Pastor would say, “through it all, it was God’s grace!” 

As we celebrate our Pastor‘s and our 1st Lady‘s journey “From There To Here,” I pray that we congratulate him, and our First Lady for their longevity and their many years of dedicated service to the Southern Crest Full Gospel Baptist Church, and to this great community. 

His Story

“From There To Here”