Rev. Michael Henderson, ~ Senior Pastor

Southern Crest Full Gospel Baptist Church

Mission Statement:

The Southern Crest Full Gospel Senior Adult Ministry exists to minister in various ways to older adults 65 years of age and older and other adults with physical conditions that prohibit them from attending traditional Worship or Bible  Study Services. Our mission will be to always remember those who have labored among us by ministering to them in their golden, and later years in life.

For additional information regarding the Senior's Ministry please contact our Business Office at 214-376-3319 / 214-376-7685

Senior's Ministry

Purpose / Agenda:

Celebrating with the "Young at Heart Adults" can be a joy, providing the church utilizes their experience and skills.

Some of the activities this Mnistry offers are:

  • Young at Heart Adult Retreat
  • Monthly Luncheons
  • Historical Site Trips
  • Young at Heart Week/Month